Emerald Triangle Girls

Emerald Triangle Girls is a women-owned adult production company formed in 2015. Our newest  creation is www.emeraldtrianglegirls.com, a Girl-Girl sex site with Marijuana themed plots and is due to  hit the adult world in early 2016.

We pride ourselves on high glamor styling and top-notch production values. As well as, carefully casted   stars. Our mission is simple. We capture the hottest girls in the industry in a cinematic way while they  have truly authentic sex. We choose girls that have a passion for sex and a passion for Marijuana. We  pride ourselves on only having the safest, fun shooting experience in the industry. If you shoot with us,  you are bound to have an amazing day. This commitment to model comfort and happiness results in the  very best adult content out there.

Porn should be artistic. Consuming smut is good for you. Marijuana is medicinal. Emerald Triangle Girls  is a genius blend of the two to fit society's shifting landscape towards acceptance that sex and Marijuana DO mix. And they are actually good for you!